A Book About The Torment That This Young Man Had From The Author 's Own Point Of View

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Reading this extremely descriptive book about the torment that this young man had to go through is kind of like reading a diary entry that stemmed from a failed high school relationship. Except in this case, someone else is writing this story about heartbreak. The author digs deep into the feelings and the underlying meaning behind the story of this young man and it almost seems as though they are experimenting or gathering data. In fact, it states that they are an observer in this short drama. While this book is full of serious topics and it is very dense literature, it seems to portray some sort of farce. The story of the guy from the author’s own point of view is way too dramatic for what it really is, but when taken seriously it shows us what he is going through. Life itself is a farce and we must live with some ethical reasoning and purpose, but sometimes we overanalyze a situation and we need God’s guidance for keeping us in our track. The first part of the story describes what repetition and recollection is and why it is so important. It introduces us to the dilemma of a young man who cannot seem to understand his break up with his girlfriend, to put it simply. The second part describes how he deals and finds meaning in his struggles through the story of Job and how he learns to move on. In the beginning, we are informed about repetition and how we as people crave it so much. There is a difference between repetition and recollection. Repetition is experiencing the

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