A Book About The Zoo

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The first activity will be reading a book about the zoo. By reading the book you will be encouraging cognitive development. An example of a book about the zoo that would be appropriate to read to children ages 2 to 3 would be Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. This activity can be done by both parents and teachers. The adult will be reading the book to the child. As they are reading the book they are possibly learning new words, animal names, and sounds. As you are go through the book, for each of the different animals you can make the sounds that they make. Some examples of animals that appear in the book are a monkey, lion, and snake. To bring another domain into this activity, the children also get on the floor and act like the specific animal. To expand on this activity, the parent or teacher could take the child/children to the zoo to see the animals that they learned about in person. -KT One activity that promotes physical development is creating an obstacle course in your child’s classroom or outside on the playground. In order to complete this task, you will need a beach ball, a rope, large empty boxes, and a Frisbee. The course will be broken up into five different centers. Within the first center the beach ball will be used. The child will throw the beach ball in the air and continue to keep it in the air. If the child is struggling with catching the ball the center can be modified by the child throwing the ball at the ground and then attempting to catch it. The beach ball
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