A Book Report On The Death Of Jesus Christ

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Chyna Copeland
Mr. Martin
New Testament
Book Report
30 January 2017

“There is no one who does not sin…” (Christianity 85). Man has gone astray and turned to our own ways. Sin can be described as trespassing over a boundary or failing to keep the law. One terrible result of sin is that it corrupts our relationship with God. “ the wages of sin is death”. (Christianity 98). This is talking about the spiritual death of not going to heaven; the eternal separation from God. God promised those who followed and believed his word and action they would be given a reward. The reward was the pathway to heaven. If we deliberately reject Jesus Christ, we will have no other option but eternal death. In Jesus we have eternal life. Sin alienates and
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And this incredible inward transformation is the work of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who isn’t born new cannot see the kingdom of God. It is also very vital that we accept the Lord into our hearts so that not only He may cleanse us, but to use us in a way to glorify His Holy name. When we commit ourselves to Him, God sends the Holy Spirit into our hearts in order to make our bodies a temple. This gets us closer to Him building a personal relationship rather than just a church membership. God wants us to engage spiritually and be fruitful unto others. “Lord, Let me be a channel for YOUR peace, a window for Your light to shine through to everyone I meet. Lord, touch me where I need the touch the most. Let more people experience the REAL YOU, Who You really are. God, Use my 'little ' life as a focus for YOUR infinite possibilities.” (Shared by craig with gratitude to John Stott). In conclusion, God’s unconditional mercy and love saved us from being condemned to a spiritual death. He sent His son to earth to live as a man and die on a cross for our sins. Jesus was resurrected and we were washed free of our sins. His blood brings us out of exile and reconciles us to God. God shows his initiation in the fact that he takes action before we can even think of it. Since the beginning of time God has been seeking us. Our relationship with God is more than just being a consistent church member. It is a personal relationship that is
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