A Boring Class Essay example

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The warm sunshine that was streaming through the classroom window was doing nothing to help my concentration as I sat in class trying to pay attention. The teacher’s monotone voice droning on about some dead men who fought in a battle hundreds of years ago was slowly putting me to sleep. I was taking notes as best I could when suddenly I would realize that my eyes were closed! I opened them quickly and looked at my notebook. The last line I had written on the page ended in nonsensical words before it became a straight line that ran off the page. I tried to focus on what the teacher was currently saying only to realize that she had moved on to another topic. Maybe this topic would keep me awake. A few minutes later, I was dozing…show more content…
I wish I knew why someone thought we needed to learn about all of these dead people. It just didn’t seem relevant at all. Suddenly, there was a hush in the room. The teacher had asked someone a question! I tried to seem casual as I glanced up to see if I was the unlucky person who had been called upon. My heart jumped and then I realized that the teacher was looking at the person to my right, waiting expectantly for an answer. I stared at the girl also, as if I was truly interested in whatever ramblings might come out of her mouth about the dead general and his battle. I felt my face grow warm with a slight blush as I became embarrassed for her and her inability to answer the question. She must have been paying as much attention to the lecture as I had been. Finally, she was able to formulate a less than mediocre answer that satisfied the monotone voice at the front of the room and the lecture resumed. Another glance back at the girl and I saw the cell phone palmed in her left hand down by her side. She had been text-messaging someone instead of paying attention! At least I wasn’t alone in my frustration of trying to find something to do to make it through the painful moments of the class. Finally, my list of numbers was dwindling as the clock ticked ever closer to the magic moment when the bell would finally ring. It was with great anticipation that I waited to make the final mark. When the bell
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