A Boy and the Death of His Best Friend

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Tommy was just an ordinary 10 year old, who went to school, and lived with his mum. Tommy had lots of friends but he only had one best friend, Graeme. Graeme had been diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, since then Tommy has tried to make the best out of life with Graeme. Until one day Tommy turned up for school, sat in his seat in for registration, while the teacher took the register he called out Graemes name but Graeme wasn't in his seat, he hadn't arrived to school yet. Tommy thought he was maybe just at the doctors and didn't think much of it so he carried on as normal at school until he got home when his life was turned upside down. When he arrived home, Graemes mum was in the kitchen with Diane, Tommy's mum, they both looked really upset and Tommy wondered why, a million thoughts ran through his head, why was graeme not with his mum? Why were they upset. Diane sat Tommy down and hold him the devastating news, that Graeme passed away during the night. Tommys faced dropped, his top lip began to quiver, he got a massive shiver up his spine. He wasn't sure what to do or how to react. He couldn't believe it. He refused to believe it. He ran up to his room and slammed the door shut with a loud bang, he threw himself on to his bed, sobbing into his pillow. His best friend was gone. Tommy didn't leave his room all night, he wouldn't speak to anyone. Thoughts were racing about his mind, what was the going to do without a best friend, he couldn't just go and ask someone else to
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