A Boy 's Life - Original Writing

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There was a young boy that was born in a 2 room cabin. His family did not have much but they made it day to day just fine. He had lots of siblings he got along with most of them being the youngest he was a mommas boy. He wanted to go run with his older brothers but he couldn’t keep up. His mom just took him in since there was only one girl and she didn’t make it very long and daddy sold her. Bob said he would get his older sister back home one day. He also said he would take care of his dad for selling her and for not showing him how to do the guys things. As he grows up doing everything with his mom he learns things his dad or brothers could never teach him. He knows how to cook clean Doctor kids and animals. He learned to read and write. His mom has thought him alot and says to him she is ready to go on she has done all she can do for me. The only promise she asked from him is to go get his sister back and make sure she is safe back on there land. Bob and most his brothers have to sleep in the barn there isn 't enough room in the house. Mom tells him that on the perfect night to come in and slowly come to there room not to knock just to walk in. Bob is very confused and has a lot of questions but his brother mike walked in and he couldnt ask. They eat that night and go to bed he is worried that it was the night but he knew that if he woke his dad he would get his rear end beat black and blue. He get scared and gets out of the barn without waking anyone he walks in the
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