A Branch Of Ender Baklavas.t

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In this Project, I have developed an idea to open a branch of Ender Baklava S.T which is already in the market in Turkey. Ender Baklava S.T is a company formed by Mehmet Enderoglu in 1999. It is dedicated to spread of Turkish palate in London in addition to its place in market in Turkey.
1) Description of Venture
Product Attribute
Baklava is a sort of dessert that can become diversified by adding different kind of ingredients like pistachio, orange, chestnut, almond, hazelnut, chocolate and so on. We target to manufacture 660 trays of baklava which are with pistachio, chocolate, vanilla and walnut monthly. To do this, there will be two baklava masters coming from Turkey into the factory subject to work 26 days per month. Each master will
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As a Chief Executive Officer, she will make the decisions, be responsible for the marketing area, production and organizing the staff working in the shop.
Besides, there will also be nine employees in the company including; two masters of baklava, two staff being responsible from retail, one quality control specialist, two motorcycle couriers and two dishwashers. While baklava masters will be responsible of manufacturing daily and fresh baklava, staff in the shop will sell products and follow all daily sales at the end of the day. Duty of quality control specialist will be testing of goods before meeting with its enjoyers. As for the personnel in the stand, his duty will be making sell to the customers at Victoria Train Station and giving report to the employer showing that how many products are sold and what kind of baklava is mostly preferred on daily basis. Additionally, motorcycle couriers will consign to the customers as well as stand at the train station. Lastly, dishwashers will help us to keep both shop and stand clean.
3) Marketing Plan
Market Segmentation
In this concept people we address will be anyone loving dessert, being open to new tastes and caring about the natural ingredients. We do not have any age criteria but customers should have either middle or high economic situation to afford this sort of non primary needs.
Moreover, we will not only bring together our products with customers in our branch
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