A Brave New World Reflective Essay

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The mission of my group was to portray the theme of freedom through the scene at the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying where John tries to take the soma from the distributor and free the Deltas. We hoped to convey the message that due to their conditioning, the Deltas were willing to give up their freedom in order to receive their soma. Overall, my group worked well together. Everyone was able to share their ideas and communicate their thoughts about the scene. We were able to collaborate and everyone was able to contribute to the performance. My group was also able to successfully create two props, a telephone book and a box of soma. There was some conflict between two members of my group, but they eventually were able to overcome their differences and work cohesively.…show more content…
Today, life is a miracle, a gift from God, and it is one of the greatest things on earth. However, in A Brave New World people are treated like robots. They have no emotions and no identity. Everyone is there to serve the community and when their time is up they die and no one cares. One idea I will take with me is Huxley’s argument that we should not believe everything we are told by the people in power. We should always look into why we are being told to do things and find better solutions to our problems. In my opinion, the novel has many important ideas to offer us today. One idea is that we must face the truth and deal with our problems head on. In A Brave New World, everyone takes soma to flee from their issues and nobody faces reality. I think Huxley is trying to show us that we need to be strong and face whatever lies ahead of
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