A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Aldous Huxley uses the drug Soma in his novel, Brave New World, to calm down the citizens of World State. Soma is a hallucinogen that most people in the novel believe has no drawbacks. In Brave New World, Soma is known as “the perfect drug.” In the society of World State, citizens become accustomed to the drug. Anytime they have a problem or they want to get away from something, they use soma to getaway from society. However, there is a contradiction. The citizens are basically bound by the drug and are nearly mindless drones when they take soma. So rather than having only benefits and no drawbacks, like they thought earlier in the book, the drug is actually very addicting and people lose their state of mind. The drug soma completely takes over the society of the World State. "And do remember that a gramme is better than a damn." They went out, laughing” (Huxley 232). This is a very popular saying that is used in this society. It is much easier to just take the drug instead of caring about something else and stressing out. In Brave New World, human emotion is replaced by soma. Instead of people trying to face their problems, they find alternatives to forget everything and just relax. For other uses, soma is the best tool for a government to control the population. It tranquilizes, sidetracks, and calms people down so that they do not realize that the citizens of World State are enslaved. However, one character catches on to how the drug is enslaving their society. In

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