A Break Down On The Break

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A Break Down on the Break-In Mesquite High Schools pronounced football team practiced tirelessly one November day in 2015, working around the clock to ensure a spot in the state play-offs. Although the football team gave everything they had to offer for their school, Mesquite did not give their all back for their team. During the intense practice, two young men slipped in through the gym doors by simply bypassing the school 's poor exterior locks. With one swift yank, they were able to pop open the locker room door, giving them access to all the players’ personal items and equipment. Once the players returned to the athletic facility, they came to discover that their bags and lockers had been picked clean. Thousands of dollars in cell…show more content…
This lack of security is unacceptable. Replacing the current door handles with cup handles will lead to higher quality security and benefit all teachers, students, and faculty. Choosing to install these new handles would ensure better safety in emergency situations and prevent future thefts for the school. Part Two: Current Efforts The school 's main defenses consist of the doors and locks on campus. However if these doors and locks become damaged and cannot serve their full purpose, they contribute little safety efficiency to the school. The current locks placed on the exterior of the school are in poor working condition. A hard enough yank immediately pops the lock and allows access to the school. These handles and locks clearly create an issue for the school, because of the numerous break-ins where valuable equipment and personal goods were stolen. These thefts are not an uncommon occurrence. Mesquites football team lost personal phones and wallets, the choir department lost expensive sound equipment, orchestra lost priceless instruments, the schools supply of sterling silver was stolen from the metals room, and the electronics department lost tools and equipment (Jones et al). Not only can these robberies be costly for the school to replace, but liability can be far more concerning. If a teacher or staff member was harmed while exiting the room to lock their door in
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