A Break for School Is Not a Good Idea

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Should You Wait or Not When high school is over, that is the time students need to decide if they are going to start college right away or wait a year or two. Whichever choice they choose will affect their future. Students should not put off their education for a long period of time. This will only hurt the students because they will start to forget things they had learned in high school. If they wait to go to school, it could also put a delay on their career. Then when they do want to go to start going back to college to get a degree, it will become harder to start going back. Also, there are the students that take a break during the middle of their college years and this can hurt them also. Not every student sees taking a break…show more content…
Due to this, is will make it even harder for students without a college degree to get a good high paying job. It is like companies want their future employees to be put in debt. There are only very few jobs that actually don’t require any education to get that job. For example, working at Walmart or Target getting part time pay being a cashier or loading shelves. It is not a career; it is just a job to gets them money. Having an education doesn’t guarantee anyone of getting the job they are applying for, but it definitely gives them an edge over somebody applying for the same position without a degree. Also with a college education there will be many more opportunities in the career field then there would be for someone without the college education. According to John Ebersole’s article from Forbes, he stated “not only is there a $400 per week difference in earnings between those with a high school diploma and those with a bachelor’s degree, there is also a substantial difference in unemployment” (Ebersole 6). Having an education will help in the long run and allow for a better job than someone with no college education. Finding a good and stable job today is going to be hard for everyone but even hard for the people that do not have any education or degree in anything. Going to college will help students get ready for the real world. When graduating high school, they should go to college right
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