A Brief Analysis of Life of Brian Essay

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Monty Python’s Life of Brian is more than just a mere comedy; it is a Biblical, religious, and political satire. Like all Python films, Life of Brian seems to educate the viewer while at the same time providing entertainment. Unfortunately not all of the elements in Life of Brian occurred in real life, which takes away from the validity of the plot. While not everything is accurate, it seems that a majority of the film could be considered genuine. In order to understand an analysis of the film, one must first have a basic sense of the plot.

Summarizing a movie that is almost an hour and a half into one paragraph is a daunting task, but it can be done! The first scene opens with Brian receiving gifts from the Three Wise Men;
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Take the line “Blessed are the Greek and plankton will inherit the Earth” for example, not only is a hilarious pun, it also aids to the telling of Jesus’s story. I believe Terry Jones used Jesus, the Bible, and the Romans purely because he could create a myriad of puns, parodies, double entendre, and so forth. Not only does the constant humor aid to my interpretation, the reviews I found online also side with it. While the story is an important aspect of the film, the supporting moments make it.

There are countless memorable moments in the movie that aid to the story. The story of the Romans is brought to life with scenes such as: when slaves are carrying in an enormous Roman statue, Naughtius Maximus and Biggus Dickus, the man set to be killed in the coliseum, everything the Romans have brought to Judea, and so forth. The story of Jesus is illustrated with memorable scenes such as: the sermon on the mount, the leper, Brian is the messiah, and finally crucifixion. On a similar note the story of the Bible is depicted by the same scenes as the story of Jesus, in addition to the entire plot! To my recollection not one scene is detrimental to any of the stories and furthermore most of the scenes in the movie are purely based on the director’s interpretation with a foundation of facts.

After doing some research I have found numerous truthful facts. For example: Pilate was real, leprosy
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