A Brief Analysis of Obamacare

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I would like to approach this assignment, from the point of view of a third person and I am planning to present it in the form of a research paper. The organization of this paper will be as follows: Section 1 will include an introduction of the ObamaCare, along with its facts and also the arguments put forward by the opponents. Section 2 will briefly list some of the opponents (e.g. Republicans) and proponents (e.g. Democrats) of the ObamaCare. The arguments made by the opponents of the Obama Care will be supported by the evidences in section 3, and it will also point out the interest of the opponents that may be served if the ObamadCare is repealed. Conversely, section 4 will talk about the evidences for the arguments put forward by the proponents of the ObamaCare and also their stake, if the Obamacare bill is passed. Lastly, I will present my view on ObamaCare and substantiate it with evidences. BIBLIOGRAPHY References/Resources that I have read: 1. Bodenheimer, Tom and Grumbach, Kevin. Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach. McGraw Hill, 6thEdition, 2012. 2. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/13/us/politics/from-the-start-signs-of-trouble-at-health-portal.html?_r=4&adxnnl=1&pagewanted=1&adxnnlx=1381910874-Tp4SsJ+Brbux9yQ1KGzvuQ 3. http://www.healthplans.com/get-quotes/?CID=8814&SRC=hp_google&Sub_ID=obamacare&position=1s1&google_network=g&creativeid=29275595837&adposition={position}&matchtype=e&mobile=&bw_keyword=obamacare 4.
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