A Brief Analysis of Organizational Structures and Related Challenges

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Northside Hospital is a non-profit institution that is dedicated to the health and wellness of the surrounding communities and assisting the people in those areas in living healthier and stronger lives. To carry out such an endeavor, the hospital operates three large facilities and numerous smaller clinics. Research has become a major component in the establishment of the household name nationwide along with the notion of treating the whole man instead of just parts. The hospitals consist of a diverse group of professionals that are strikingly skilled and knowledgeable in their specific specialty. The infirmaries are governed by a board of trustees consisting of chief physicians, managers, CEO and outside influential leaders…show more content…
The unit consists of an operations coordinator that oversees the needs of each area and the physicians. There are three specific supervisors for the nurses, dosimetry, and the clinical staff respectively for more precise problems. Each area or function communicates and coordinates within their quarters and knows very little of the practices of their counterparts. Dr. Machuta elaborates on the process for handling matters of patient care or daily activities. According to her, the issues are often directed to upper management along the director’s level rather than being addressed by the supervisors. This structure allows for the demoralization, skepticism, and discouragement among the staff members (Wiley, 2007). It also dissuades the teamwork approach to patient care. On the other hand, functional structures permit the use of resources and skill development (Wiley, 2007). The tasks are appropriate to each person expertise and skill set. To assist with the department wide communication inadequacies, Dr. Machuta and the other managers have devised a daily morning meeting that is held for a few minutes to talk over any concerns with a patient. The discussion involves all staff members and everyone is allowed some input on each case. Overall, the institution exhibits the characteristics described in the mission statement and is working on restructuring and correcting any shortcomings relating to

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