A Brief Analysis of Rick and Morty

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A Brief of Analysis of Rick and Morty The adventures and often misadventures of this grandson and grandpa duo along with their family members are a delight and often downright absurd to watch. There are moments of preposterous incidents that'll leave with a stupefied expression and then immediately sent you off into fits of laughter. It is a highly entertaining show, where their exploits cross over multiple universes and dimensions and often end up interacting with beings from another world, trying to catapult the series into the fringes of possible realms within comprehension. But it has the titular characters sharing a close bond while simultaneously possessing eccentric personalities to keep us intrigued; the other characters of the…show more content…
The show is quite abundant with meta-humor; in fact, there is an entire episode in which the characters engage themselves in watching T.V. shows featuring themselves in an alternate universe while they discuss the possible consequences if those realities had been their realities. There is some semi-dark humour in display as well as one of the many inventions turn the entire population of the globe to become fatally obsessed with Morty and they get eventually transformed into deformed beings prompting the titular characters to enter a universe where they are dead and replace themselves with the dead versions and completely enter into a different reality. The animation style though is nothing exceptional but it is simple and unadorned with crazy embellishments even though the worlds that are spawned are quite surreal and straight out of the weirdest reaches of the imagination – there are six armed pink beings that have sex with robots, a giant naked hobo covering the size of the United States floating in space, things straight out of drug-induced trips, robot wielding dogs trying to take over the planet; the initial sci-fi envisages the creation of multiple alternate universes inhabited by the most bizarre creatures, thus making the show open to

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