A Brief Article On Being An Atheist

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Response Paper on H.J. McCloskey article On being an atheist




During the year 1968, an atheist philosopher H.J. McCloskey came up with a powerful argument about how being an atheist was greater than the theistic way of life. Through this article, McCloskey finds a way to condemn numerous arguments which theist consider as true and in most cases seem to mock and impeach the believers of God. Some of the arguments that McCloskey tries to diminish are the three mutual proofs that most theists depend upon for their belief in God. The proofs include; cosmological proof, teleological proof and the argument from design. McCloskey also talks about the complications of evil and how its presence rejects the truth about God. At the end of the article, he maintains that atheism is heartening, meaning that it is more calming than theism. Below are a detailed discussion and validity of the truth about the three claims that McCloskey wants to rebate in the article and finally dispute the problem of evil to censure the thought that atheism is cool and comforting1.

McCloskey mostly insults the theistic opinion as one of ignorance and ambiguity. Referring to the believers of God, he say ‘’they do not think hard enough nor far enough about the difficulty of an uncaused reason, who has to be a unavoidably existing being to prove that the argument is far less conclusive than it appears to be at first sight. In addition, his reference of theists as being ignorant is clearly
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