A Brief Article On Creative Teams

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Creative Teams: How to Lead and Manage Them
By William Comcowich | Submitted On April 14, 2011

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The first two parts of this series on Managing Creativity in Business examined Corporate Killers of Creativity and Key Attributes of The Creative Personality.

Now, we look at the methods that managers can employ to manage creative teams.

To harness creative attributes and obtain superior work from employees and vendors of creative services, bosses and clients must understand their crucial role in the creative process.

The boss or client in fact must not simply manage the process, but instead must lead the creative team. Leadership differs significantly from management. Managers plan, organize, direct, coordinate and control. Leaders inspire. Leaders catalyze. Leaders stretch. Leaders project a vision.

The leader 's job is to create an environment in which creativity can thrive. Managers who lead instead of managing are more likely to obtain superior creative work. In addition, client-as-leader has the responsibility to identify the problem -- not the solution. The most successful leaders delegate the search for solutions to the creative team.…

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