A Brief Article On Heat Illness

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Heat Illness Reflection/Connection to ATR
In this article I have learned many different helpful things. The article states many different heat illnesses, and how to handle them. Some of these damages can be lethal, and lead to death or some cases permanent damage. The article states information given by NATA which is the National Athletic Trainer 's Association. The purpose is to provide enough information for best practices for heat illness. So in the article, it states information about the following: heat syncope, external heat injury, external heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and exercise associated muscle cramp. So to start off heat syncope occurs when a person is standing in heat for
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The AT would be responsible because they allowed the athletes to be active in the conditions they were in. An AT may use a heat index, which is a tool that calculates the air pressure in the air and calculate the humidity in the air. This tool is helpful for the AT, so they can get accurate calculations, and decide if it’s ok for athletes to be active outside. Now AT 's also are responsible of the well being of athletes when it comes to their daily activity list. If an athlete is super active in one day, and is being repeatedly exposed to heat, that could result in some heat illnesses depending on the athletes well being. As an example an athlete is being exposed to the heat four times a day, and has lost a lot of water. That could cause some heat illnesses, that could have been prevented if the AT were to have recognized the amount of heat the athlete has been exposed to. There will be a time when an athlete’s core temperature exceeds its max. That is when the AT must take serious action, and they must be able to handle the situation correctly. If an athlete’s core temp reaches over 98 degrees then that is a problem. The organs in the system will start to shut off, and result could lead to death. Also the information in this article connects to the basic assignments of a regular AT. For instance the characteristics of some heat illness, so when the time comes the AT know exactly what to look for. An example would be to know what to look for if an
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