A Brief Article On The Negotiation Techniques By E. Elizabeth Carter

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Negotiation Techniques
By E. Elizabeth Carter | Submitted On June 05, 2014

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Expert Author E. Elizabeth Carter
How good a negotiator are you? Do you push back or do you not try to counteroffer? Many people do not realize that most products and services are negotiable. When you buy a car it is expected to haggle with the salesperson over price but why is that not the case in other scenarios? In the workplace, how many accept the first compensation package that is provided or the standard raise rate and not think to question it?

Before one can start to negotiate, there are steps that need to be taken first. Many do not think about negotiations until they receive an offer - job, car, product, service, etc. The issue with this is that they do not spend the time researching and contemplating what the value is in the marketplace BEFORE they start the process. Instead many either accept what is offered and do not negotiate for more, or they use a simple formula like an increase of 10% on their cash compensation if in a job search or just accept free car mats. These individuals may miss out not only on more money in their pockets but also on perks. That is…
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