A Brief Biogarphy of Edgar Hoover

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“A hero is born in turbulent days.” When President Herbert was first elected as the U.S president, the whole country enjoyed the time of prosperity. During the time, Herbert was considered an idol of ordinary people; he was raised from poor Iowa orphan to one of the most celebrated mining engineers. Even though there were murmurs worrying about that he had never held an elected public office, had a poor political touch, and was too thin-skinned to be an effective politician, most Americans considered him a hero who is able to solve any problems ahead. There was no better person to lead the country. However, in months later he was unfortunately faced the problem of the decade, which now called as “the Great Depression.” In early days of the time, people did not worry too seriously about the economic situation, because they had Hoover as president in the White House. He was absolutely the last fortress of the people. However, the impregnable fortress was destroyed by the power of the Great Depression, and he could not lead as he wanted to do. He was not the ‘Hero’ that the people awaited for. The author describes of Hoover’s childhood as the continuing infelicity. He lost his parents in his early age and had to motivate himself to have a better tomorrow out of working harder today. I believe his earnestness to earn his own living without any help of anybody takes the most parts of his early success. One of the traits that made him distinguishable from others is that he always
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