A Brief Biography of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler, one man, hungry for power, caused a horrific event that changed the life of millions. Hitler and his party of Nazis rose to power with a dream of ending all Jews. His hatred caused the murder of six million Jews. This mass murder is known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust dated from 1933-1945 occurred in almost every country in Europe. This era was a decade of pure evil. The Holocaust is one of the most frowned upon events in world history and will always be remembered as a melancholy time period. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria. He served as a military leader and in his later years became a dictator. Hitler believed that his mission in life was to end all Jews. His childhood was uneasy being that his father died when he was young and his mother struggled to pay bills. Hitler wasn't a very good student, his grades were barely passing. As he got older and began to build his character, he was very attracted to anti-Semitism. After World War I, the crisis Germany was going through was unbelievable, many people were struggling to feed their families and pay for simple needs. Hitler took advantage of how desperate people were for help and knew exactly how to convince people he was the right voice to help Germany make a comeback. He slowly began taking part in political activities and began forming a German Worker Party. Hitler schemed with other anti-Semitic politicians to take over the republic. In 1923, the German Worker Party became known as
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