A Brief Biography of Alexander Fleming

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His parents shared the same occupation as farmers. He was born on a rural farm in Lochfield in East Ayrshire Scotland. Alexander or Alec as his family called him had three siblings Grace, John and Robert. He also had four half siblings Jane, Hugh, Thomas, and Mary who were from his father’s previous marriage. Alexander’s education began at Loudoun Moor School, then he moved to a larger school called Darvel School. He also moved to Kilmarnock Academy. After this he relocated to London where he attended Regent Street Polytechnic. Before starting his medical studies he worked at a shipping office. Alexander began his medical studies in 1901 at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School at the University of London. In 1908 he was acknowledged with the gold medal as the top medical student. After graduating his dream job was to become a surgeon but, a short term opportunity in the laboratories of the research department at St. Mary’s Hospital. A bacteriologist and immunologist named Sir Almroth Edward Wright influenced Alexander. Sir Wright had amazing ideas of vaccine therapy that would create an extraordinary change in the field of medical treatment. After this he decided to open his own private practice as a venereologist, this was between 1909 and 1914. As a venereologist he became one of the first doctors to use arsphenamie (Salvarsan) which was given to treat syphilis. The drug was discovered by German…
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