A Brief Biography of Andrew Jackson

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He also was a man of many talents taking into consideration his history. Andrew Jackson was an aristocrat as he was also a part of the spoils system. He was a very brave and out there type of person but he was also very secluded at many times he kept to himself. To start off with Andrew Jacksons story he wasn’t a rich well born or highly educated politician his family emigrated to the U.S in 1765 from Ireland to somewhere around Philadelphia, later to move more toward South Carolina. His father died in 1767 in an accident to leave him, his mother and his two siblings Hugh & Robert. After being in South Carolina for some time he got a job for a saddle maker’s shop he worked here for some time, until he got a job teaching at a school while he also studied law in North Carolina. Andrew Jackson was also a major part of the army at the time. He was appointed commander of the Tennessee militia in 1801 with the rank of colonel and later elected major general of the same militia in 1802. Jackson was also a part of the war of 1812; he was against the United Kingdom, so when the United Kingdom threatened New Orleans he was quick to take command. He was strict officer but an affective one. Thus how he developed the nick name “old hickory” because they said he…

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