A Brief Biography of Benjamin Banneker

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Inhumane degeneration of colored people by human trafficking had once lasted for two centuries in America. Those trafficked by white people became slaves sold in auditions were strained and were commonly abused by their masters. Slaves were compelled to perform vigorous labor everyday for seven years in hope for a day that their master will release them. Benjamin Banneker was a son of a former slave who had wrote a letter to ex-US Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson in hope for Jefferson to take role in part of abrogating enslavement. Although Banneker was born as a free man, his determination of resolving servitude had brought himself to construct a letter to Jefferson. Through the use of emotional diction, tone, and religious allusion, Banneker emphasizes his passion for freeing slaves of America. Banneker’s word choice takes a large role in his letter as it show his persuasive bold stance and emotional message to Jefferson. Banneker used bold and compelling detailed phrases, in particular “I entreat you… your abhorrence thereof was so excited… how pitiable… groaning captivity and cruel oppression” (Paragraphs 1-3) moves readers of the letter responsively into feeling guilt and grief towards the ones enslaved. His word choice implies formally that Jefferson, the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence who stated “all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights” (Paragraph 2) contradicted himself “you should at the same

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