A Brief Biography of Bing Crosby

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One can hardly escape the holiday season without hearing the voice of Bing Crosby singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” over the radio waves in stores, restaurants, and public venues. With nearly 300 hit singles to his credit, Bing remains of one of America’s most popular entertainers of all time. Harry Lillis Crosby was born on May 3, 1903, in Tacoma, Washington to a Catholic working class family and was the fourth of seven siblings. The nickname Bing was acquired in childhood as a result of his love for “The Bingville Bugle,” a newspaper parody. Introduce at a young age to music by his mandolin-playing father, it was music that enticed Bing to leave law school at Gonzaga University just two months prior to graduating. He was asked to play the drums in a five-piece dance band called the Musicaladers. While not very good on the drums, his baritone voice and steady rhythm won over the members of the group. When the band broke up in 1925, Bing and Al Rinker, the band’s piano player, left for Los Angeles with hopes of a big break. Playing along the West Coast, the duet became a popular vaudeville act known as “Two Boys and a Piano.” They were soon hired by Paul Whitman, who at the time was known as the leader of the most popular jazz band in the country. Together, the two joined with Harry Barris and formed a trio known as the Rhythm Boys. The group became one of the most popular attractions of the Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra, and they were able to record

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