A Brief Biography of Dian Fossey

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Dian Fossey was a famous zoologist. She was born January 16, 1932 in San Francisco, California her parents were both together but they didn’t really interact as much and they were never seen as a family, her dad was an insurance agent and an alcoholic, her mother was a fashion designer she wasn’t as recognize as other fashion designers but she was into beauty and many girly things in the other hand Dian was more like a relax girl and was more into her studies and grades than into her outter beauty she loved to learn and actually she reached her goals and went to many colleges to finish her careers. As Dian began to grow up and she finished high school she left to go attend Martin Junior College which is located in California she took business classes and when she finished a year in Marin Junior College she actually left to go work in a farm where she began to work as a animal caretaker which in this job she began to expand her love for animals while she was working at the farm even though she was having fun taking care of all those animals she had to leave because she got chickenpox. After she left she went back to college but this time to a different one which was the University of California at Davis, this school was actually to start her career as a veterinarian her first year was pretty good and easy but when it came to her second year she was terrible and didn’t really understand one specific class so she failed and had to transfer to San Jose State College where she
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