A Brief Biography of Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley My Biography is about Elvis Presley, I wanted to know more about him because he has always been a part of my life. My grandpa Ralph likes Elvis Presley because of his unique voice, and talent with his guitar. Personally I have really only heard a few of his songs, and I loved the movie Lilo and Stich; which is about a little girl named Lilo who has a pet named Stich and she tries to get Stich to be good, so they did things Elvis did on a normal relaxed day. As far back as I could remember I always have wanted to learn more about Elvis Presley. In this paper I want to write about his school, immediate family,the two songs he wrote for his mom, lastly and sadly how he died. Elvis Presley was born on January 8,1935, to his parents are Vernon and Gladys in East Tupelo, Mississippi, He had a twin brother named Jessie, unfortunately his brother was a stillborn which meant he was born dead. Rather than growing up with a brother he then was an only child. Later on in his childhood, his family and him moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he didn’t know anyone. Students at the school casted him out as a "new kid.” With that he had no one to sit with at lunch. He started to bring his guitar to school, and played it at lunch. Students at the school noticed that he was decent and they started actually talking to him. But other people who didn't like him or didn't like his choice music took to a little too far by cutting his guitar strings off. This didn't anger
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