A Brief Biography of Jane Austen

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Not only did her level of education soar over most women of her time, she truly cared about the people around her. Austen’s passion for her family was just as strong as her passion for reading and writing. Austen strived to learn more everyday. She was one of the “most widely read writers in English Literature.”(Biography of Jane Austen 1) Jane Austen was born December 16, 1775 in Steventon, Village in Hampshire.
“Austen received a better education then most women of her time.”(Collins, K.K. 1) Jane Austen was taught mostly by her father and her five brothers whom expected Austen to have a stellar education. Austen also learned from the impressive library her father had in their home. Fortunately, Austen had a better education than most women. The earliest writing recovered was when she only eleven years old. Her family always strived for her to have the best education. Austen and her sister Cassandra were always going to different boarding schools. After Austen caught typhus and almost died, she mostly was educated at home. Austen’s parents decided to send her and her sister Cassandra to boarding school again after she recovered from her illness. After a year in boarding school both sisters returned to home because the family could not afford it any longer. Austen continued her education by reading books. Her father George and her brothers James and Henry guided her in her education to keep her on track. “George Austen…

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