A Brief Biography of John D. Rockefeller Essay

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William Avery Rockefeller was a common pitchman “doctor” that sold cancer treatment tonics for $25 town to town and city to city. His wife, Eliza Davison Rockefeller, was a deeply religions and very disciplined woman (Poole). John D. Rockefeller was born into a humble existence but was taught many valuable life lessons from his parents. He learned the basics of business paperwork along with the sacredness of a business contract from his father and the importance of giving money to church and charities at every opportunity from his mother. This less than iconic background brought forth an extremely successful business man and eventual oil mogul, that set the world standard for philanthropy. John D. Rockefeller’s name lives on in American…show more content…
He had already learned many bookkeeping skills from his father who kept meticulous books.
In 1855 John D. Rockefeller set out to find a job in the low opportunity area of Cleveland, Ohio where his family had now settled. Rockefeller knew he needed to make an impression and always dressed in a dark suit and black tie when he went to seek employment. Cleveland, at the time, was not a very large city he was able to visit every business seeking a job opportunity, he was persistent in finding work and visited some businesses as many as three times trying to gain employment. His persistence paid off, Rockefeller landed a job as an assistant bookkeeper with Hewitt & Tutle a commodity merchant. Rockefeller was gifted with the ability to be pleasant, persistent, and patient, but always able to make his collections. He excelled while employed there and his business expertise gained him the respect of the community.
On March 1, 1859 he started his first business with his neighbor Maurice Clark to form Clark and Rockefeller a commision merchant firm (Poole). The Civil War expanded the business due to soaring grain prices and the need to supply the troops along with being set up as a commission merchant the firm did $450,000 in business the first year with $17,000 in profit. Rockefeller’s business expertise put him out in front of his competitors. It was at this time that the visionary prowis of Rockefeller began, he could see that most of the big farming was moving to the

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