A Brief Biography of Mae West

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Madonna? No, Mae West. Most people think of these women when discussing sex symbols, however they forget about the woman who set the stage for future eras. Mae West, born August 17, 1893, started her career early. She began performing in shows from the age of seven. Her career lasted about 70 decades. She worked a range of jobs from being an actress, to play writer, to singer, she did it all. In between all of these she set herself up to be a sex symbol. Her career ended in the 1970’s, about a decade before her death on November 22, 1980. Mae West was an icon not only of her time, but of the future that helped shape the path for future woman in Hollywood. Mae West, at the young age of 7, started out performing in theater groups like every other young child interested in performing arts. The theater group was one that travelled the country on tour which was an opportunity for her to expose herself to different people. By the age of 18, she made it on Broadway. She did not have the opportunity to perform in very popular musicals, however she was in the perfect place to get noticed by major promoters. She continued to perform at the theater group as well as Broadway for another decade and a half. She spent the majority of her time dancing and singing. Mae West was not very open about her relationships, although she did have a husband who was her dancing partner from very young teens. The man was named Frank Wallace and they…
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