A Brief Biography of Mark Twain

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Mark Twain was born on November. 30, 1835 in the small town of Florida, MO. Mark’s birth name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. In 1839, the Clemens family moved 35 miles east to the town of Hannibal, in Mississippi. Mark kept to himself and in doors in his early years because of poor health and sickness. That was the case until he became years of age. He recovered from his illness and started playing outside with the rest of the children. Growing up his Father was a judge and worked a lot. He also attended private school. Sadly, when Mark was 12, his dad had pneumonia and he later died. He took it really hard and left school. At 13 Mark became a printer’s apprentice. He and started working with his brother newspaper as an editorial assistant. That’s exactly when he learned he enjoyed writing.
When he turned 17, he left the town Hannibal to be a printer in St. Louis. As Mark became settled in St. Louis, he changed his plan and became a river pilot apprentice. In 1858 he finally got his license as an river pilot. The nick name Mark Twain came about from his time spent as a river pilot. It has been said that it is a river term which means two fathoms or 12 ft. when the depth of water is being sounded and measured. “MarkTwain “ actually means “ that is safe to navigate . Mark got his big break in 1861 when the river trade were brought to an standstill by the Civil War. Mark would began working as a newspaper reporter for several newspapers all over the United States.
In 1870,
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