Essay on A Brief Biography of Mary Shelley

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Thesis: Although Mary Shelley had a tragic childhood, she was able to overcome her personal tradies in order to become a well-known writer and poet.
Introduction: Mary Shelley was a well-known poetry. She began to write at the age of sixteen when she married her first husband Percy Shelley. Mary Shelley had a tragic childhood growing up losing the only mother figure that she knew of name, Lousia the nanny. This convinced Mary to start writing about the relationship of the individuals to history and the relationship of daughters to fathers. First, Mary were born on August 30, 1797. Mary was the only daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Mary’s Godwin died after giving birth to the little one after catching a
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After two months back to London Mary married Percy Shelley. Second, Mary first book was History of a Six Weeks' Tour. This book was published in 1817. Mary and Percy left for this tour taking her half sister Jane Claire Clairmont.The book basically was wrote on Mary experience on the continent.The six week tour took Part of France, Switzerland, Germany and Holland. Mary father discovered the romance between the two. Mary father stopped talking to her but constantly asking Mary husband Percy for money. Doing this tour Mary became pregnant with a little girl. After Mary gave birth to the little baby name Christened Clara she only lived for two weeks.
Next, Mary best-known novel that published was Frankenstein. This book was published anonymously in 1818. The first edition of Frankenstein had an unsigned preface by Percy Shelley. She than published articles, reviews, poetry, and stories in periodicals such as London Magazine and The Keepsake. Frankenstein was a text that is part Gothic novel and part philosophical novel. Mary later wrote more novels that goes by the name “Valperga”, “The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck” , “Lodore” , “Falkner” , “The Last Man”.
Third, her personal life impacted on her literature. She started off with an excellent childhood.
Next, the relationship of the individual to history and the relationship of daughters to fathers.
Mary Shelley’s tragic childhood did not prevent her from becoming a well-known writer it
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