A Brief Biography of Napoleon

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Louis Napoleon was a French military and political leader, who rose during the end stages of the French Revolution. He started and was raised in exile and through determination, hard work, and passion he became the President and then Emperor of France. He accomplished to regain the throne for his family’s name, and was an inspirational, influential, and powerful leader.
Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was born on April 20, 1808 in Paris, France. He is very often referred to as Napoleon III, which he got his name from is uncle, Napoleon I. He was the third son to his parents Louis Bonaparte and Hortense de Beauharnais Bonaparte. They served has the king and queen of Holland from 1806 to 1810, until Napoleon I’s deposition in 1815. After that, all members of the Bonaparte dynasty were forced into exile. But though growing up in exile, Napoleon III was determined to regain the throne. The family found residence Switzerland and Napoleon at the time lived with his mother, who instilled a longing to be in France and an admiration for his uncle, Napoleon I. His parents had a difficult relationship, getting married when Louis was 24 and Hortense 19, so they only lived together for brief periods. After Switzerland was German, where Napoleon received some of his education at the gym. His tutor, Philippe Le Bas, taught him much about French history and politics. At the age of 15, his mother moved to Bonapartes, where they had a villa. There, Napoleon learned Italian, explore
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