A Brief Biography of Pythagoras

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While most people did not think much of the unknown things around them, there were certain men who decided to try to find the answers to everything that did not make sense. These men were known as philosophers, or people who devoted their lives to studying everything around them. One famous philosopher was a mathematician named Pythagoras. This philosopher was mainly known for his equation for triangles, also known as the Pythagorean Theorem, although he was known for other mathematical and religious contributions as well.

1. Birth & Family Information Around 569 BC, on the Greek island of Samos, a boy named Pythagoras was born. His father, Mnesarchus, was a merchant from Tyre. During a time of great famine, Mnesarchus brought corn to Samos, and as a gift of gratitude, he was granted citizenship. His mother, Pythais, was a native of the island of Samos. As he grew, the people of Samos believed he was a son of the Greek god Apollo, due to his behavior and wisdom.

2. Education Years later, a tyrant came into rule over Samos, and it was believed that this tyrant would stop some of Pythagoras's studies. To keep this from happening, Pythagoras left Samos in 535 BC and journeyed to Egypt, where he studied and specialized in Mathematics and Geometry. However, in 525 BC, Egypt was invaded by the Persian king Cambyses II, and Pythagoras was taken prisoner and sent to Babylon. Five years…

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