A Brief Biography of Sukarno

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Indonesians also remember Sukarno as Bung Karno, but he had just one name. He was born in a Javanese nobleman’s family. He went to a Dutch run school before being sent to secondary school in 1916. In 1921, he moved to the Technische Hoogeschool in Bandung. When the Indonesian Independence Movement Party was founded in 1927, Sukarno became the leader. While young, he believed Japan would start a war against the imperialist Western powers and would then be able to gain its independence with Japan's aid. The Dutch authorities arrested him in 1929 for his political activities. He was sentenced to two years in prison and his imprisonment made him a hero. During the 1930s he was continuously in conflict with the authorities and was in and out of jail. During World War II, the Indonesian forces co-operated with the Japanese against the Dutch. In one area though, the Japanese had resistance. The Indonesians would not help to supply fuel for the planes. The Japanese became so desperate that they brought Sukarno back to Jakarta. After his return the Japanese got their aviation fuel and were able to have Javanese volunteer army troops. In the middle of 1945, there were about two million locals with the Japanese determined to crush any endeavor to re-take Java by Allied forces. After the Japanese surrender and to add to the Allied tribulations, Japanese commander Marshal Terauchi summoned Indonesian leaders to meet and instructed them to proclaim independence. Sukarno was cautious,

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