A Brief Biography of Walt Disney

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Walt Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. Because of the violence in Chicago and because it was hard to make money, in 1906 his father Elias Disney purchased forty-eight acres of farmland in Marceline, Missouri. It was northeast of Kansas city. Every single family member was expected to do chores on the farm. Walt was amazed by the ducks, pigs, and hens his dad raised and thought of them as personal friends. The memories of these animals greatly influenced how they were portrayed with their individual personalities. It was Disney’s interest in the animals that got him drawing in the first place. One day when he was six, Disney decided to draw a picture of a huge farm pig named Porker. His family was very poor so there was no paper for him to use. He noticed a bucket of tar his father was using to fix the roof. He used the brush and started to draw Porker on the whitewash side of the barn. Disney’s father discovered what Disney was doing though before he was able to finish. His father was enraged. This wasn’t just because Disney had drawn on the wall, but it was also because his father thought that art and music were worthless pastimes. He thought the life of a young boy should be nothing but hard work. Desperate for something to draw on, he started sketching on rolls of toilet paper. He is quoted, “You can guess what I did with them, especially as I ate a lot of green apples in those days. Anyway, that’s all they were really good for-and that’s where they
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