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Stephen Crane was one of America’s most influential nineteenth century writers of realism. He was credited for being a novelist, short-story-writer, poet, and journalist. He was born on November 1, 1871, in Newark, New Jersey, as Stephen Townley Crane. Stephen was the youngest sibling of fourteen children (“Stephen Crane Biography”). His writing inspiration came from his family. His mother dedicated her life to social concerns, while his father was a Methodist minister. Two of Crane’s brothers were journalists so it was destined for Stephen Crane to become a writer. His passion came from his parents and the insights from his family life. He attended preparatory school at Claverack College, where he developed a better concept of the Civil…show more content…
Although he was not physically there for the war, he spoke for the warriors through his novel (“Stephen Crane”). Crane had a new reputation as a war writer, but his curiosity led him to become a war correspondent. In 1897 he set sail for Cuba to report on Cuban revolutionaries; the boat that he was aboard ended up sinking. His firsthand experience led him to write The Open Boat. In this novel, he used vivid imaginary to explain what happened to a handful of men against the power of the indifferent but destructive sea (“Stephen Crane”). He was unable to get to Cuba so he set out for the Greco-Turkish War. He wanted to be a firsthand writer, to make his writings realistic. While trying to accomplish his goal for writing, Crane ended up getting sick. He kept getting sick while he was a war correspondent because he was around filth so much and he could not really get away from it. Although he was not physically harmed by the war, he was physically harmed by his environment at the age of twenty-eight. He contracted malaria and tuberculosis and soon passed away. He passed away in Badenweiler, Germany on June 5, 1900 (“Stephen Crane Biography”). He passed away at a young age, but it was because of all the diseases he contracted while trying to write his stories for the public.

Stephen Crane wrote during the Romantic era in when there was a literary and intellectual movement concentrating on a more idealistic theme. In his novel, The Red Badge of Courage
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