A Brief Comparison Of Ed Sheeran And The Weeknd

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An artist's musical style can be determined instantly by their external and internal persona. Two of the biggest artists right now are Ed Sheeran and Abel Tesfaye who is known as The Weeknd. Both are extremely successful but have distinctive characteristics that differentiates one from the other. An artist's style can attract a particular fan base which will ultimately determine how successful one will be. Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd’s music genre, clothing style, and amount of rewards they receive compare and contrast to each other. For instance, Ed Sheeran's musical genre is Acoustic Pop with soft Hip-Hop and R&B. He also has his own band players who makes his music more relaxing. His music creates a very pleasant and welcoming sound to the audience's ears. An example is one of his notable songs “Thinking out Loud”, where Ed Sheeran sings about the journey of life and how things change, and memories will grow weak but the love for someone special will stay strong. Also, his clothing style is everyday attire, yet, unique. Since he keeps his fashion sense casual, his fans can relate to him because their clothing style is very similar. Teenagers and young adults love a trendsetting figure they can look up too, but there’s something about his basic clothing that is very refreshing, and grabs a larger variety of fans on a personal level making them feel just like Ed Sheeran. However, he does put his own personal touch with bright colors, and unique…show more content…
Many aspects come into play which supports them as a good or bad singer/songwriter. Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd are both great artists in my opinion and their particular ways is what attracts mine, and many others attention. Their different story lines, and the obstacles they have overcome to be where they are today is what grabs my attention and leaves me being a huge fan of both of these very different
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