A Brief Comparison Of Paint And Princess Sithathoryunet

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The gold tiger cup showcases the Ancient near East peoples’ fascination in mythical animals, and the combining of different animals body parts, as this lion has been gifted the attributes of birds. This bright gold drinking cup was fashioned entirely of real gold, and is roughly seventeen centimeters in height. The cup portion is decorated with several rows of ribbing and flares out at the top like a trumpet horn. It is skillfully connected to the fore-body of a lion, and the creator’s skill is demonstrated through the seamless connection. It almost looks as though the entire structure was made with a single piece of gold (Met Museum). The lion’s features are extremely detailed, as each individual tooth is carefully rendered. The creature is covered…show more content…
The necklace of Sithathoryunet was owned by Princess Sit-Hathor-yunet, and was crafted with incredible technical skill. Precious stones were carefully molded into the gold necklace base, and were used to piece together a complex and symbolic image of two birds. Both necklaces use a variety of materials and colors, but with examination, it is not hard to notice that the necklace of Sithathorunet contains valuable stones like garnet that the necklace from the Tomb of Wah does not (Met Musem). The crafting of the princess’ jewelry is much more detailed in appearance. The tiny birds’ have markings on their claws and rounded feathers each set with a different stone. The intricacy of it juxtaposes with the simplicity of the other necklace, which are just beads strung onto string. The social status difference between is clearly seen through these individuals’ possessions, and although Wah was not a laborer and had higher class than many civilians, he is still treated significantly differently than the princess. The luxury of the necklace of Sithathoryunet gives an idea of just how extravagantly the nobles
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