A Brief Description of Major Depressive Disorder Essay

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The word ‘depression’ has become a common everyday word. We hear the term ‘depression’ so frequently today, it’s even used in the contexts of jokes. For example you may hear someone say ‘My favorite show is over, now I have nothing to watch, I’m so depressed’. Obviously this person is not depressed, but we have come to overuse it in our expressions, to the point that is takes away from the seriousness of this disorder. Major depressive disorder is a mood disorder characterized by at least two weeks of depressed mood or loss of interest in nearly all activities, along with sleep or eating disturbances, loss of energy, and feelings of hopelessness (Kosslyn, Rosenberg, 2006). This mood disorder is characterized by a depressed mood, lack of…show more content…
Major depressive disorder is found among all cultural and ethnic groups, as well as, among people of all socioeconomic groups (Kosslyn, Rosenberg, 2006). According to the World Health Organization (2004), major depressive disorder is currently third on the burden of disease list. Surprisingly, major depressive disorder ranks higher than heart disease, strokes, and traffic accidents. Though the prevalence of major depressive disorder is undisputed among mental health practitioners the preferred treatment modality is disputed. I think it is important to look at depression as something that isn’t cured; rather it’s something that is managed. There are many ways that therapists choose to treat depression. After doing research about the various types, it seems that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, is the most effective at managing depression (Klosko, Sanderson, 2000). CBT is used as a tool; it focuses in on finding cognitive reasons for negative feelings and actions, and then attempts to train the brain to work around these cognitive obstacles on the road to actualization. In other words CBT modifies the negative thoughts that lead to negative behavior; by preventing the negative thoughts you are also preventing the negative behavior associated with depression. I like this treatment because it is based on the logical idea that our thoughts cause our behaviors, rather than

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