A Brief Description of Russia Essay examples

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Russia is the largest country in the world. They have been around for a very long time and over came some very tragic event in its history. Some of the tragic events that have occurred in their history has to do with their agriculture. One would think that since they are the biggest country in the world, being about 6,600,000 square miles in total area and stretching from across Asia and some parts of Europe, that their country being so big would have some areas where agriculture can flourish. Being where the country is located and other issues is the reason why they've had a hard time to advance in this segment. Russian in located on the northern hemisphere, very close to the North Pole. Since the country boundary is mainly covered by…show more content…
Even if such feat were to be done by the Russians, its great distance would make the crops very expensive to buy because of transportation cost. Over time, Russian leaders recognized that agriculture in Russia had some issues. They brought about some ideas to fix this issue. During the Russian Empire, it was a very strong country overall but the agriculture techniques was behind compared to other developed countries. One of the first programs that came up to help fix this issue was call the Free Economic Society. This program was not dependent of the Russian government. What the program did was bring together land owners, government officials and scholars to learn and spread the information on advance methods of agriculture and management. One of the most important things the program did was how to best grow different kinds of plants on Russian soil, and improve on sanitary measures and crow yield. Over time, the society started to become more political, which caused it to cease in early 20th century by the authorities. Today, after the Soviet Union fell, the society has been started again. Another program that also developed during the Russian Empire, and still running today, is the Ministry of Agriculture, formerly called the Ministry of State Assets. This is a government run program a do a variety of things for the agriculture in Russia. For instance
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