A Brief Economic History of Argentina

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In 1502 European sailors arrived ashore the Argentinean land during the Amerigo Vespucci voyage in 1502. A Spanish navigator named Juan Diaz de Solias visited Argentina during the year of 1516. The Spanish people created a permanent colony on the site of Buenos Aires in 1580, which was built overland and greatly resembled those built in Peru. From this established colony the regions of Rio de la Plata and Buenos Aires become the center of trade in Central America and throughout Europe. In the year of 1816 on July 9th the region of Buenos Aires would declare for their independence from Spanish opposition. After their victory over the Spanish, two groups would embark in lengthy conflicts between one another on who would/should control the region of Buenos Aires, and the two groups being the centralists and the federalists. These two groups thus combine to create the nation known to this day as Argentina finally establishing in the late 19th century finally agreeing on views. Foreigners investing into Argentina’s trade would add to a contribution of an economic revolution all throughout Argentina leading to the production of railroads and mass amounts of trade ports spreading all throughout the land of Argentina with the British being their primary and significant investor’s. Ever since these momentous events have occurred Argentina has grown to be one of the world’s top 10 richest and prosperous countries based off of their fast development of their agriculture and

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