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MLA Format Paper on Germany
Germany is a temperate marine country located in Central Europe bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland. Germany has a maritime influenced climate that usually never has any long periods of cold or hot weather. The Koppen-Geiger classification classifies Germany as a Cfb climate; a warm temperate humid climate with the warmest month lower than 22°C over average and four or more months above 10° (“Weather Online: Germany” WeatherOnline LTD n.d. Web. 9 Mar ) The terrain in Germany isn 't too diverse, In the north there are lowlands in the center area of Germany there are uplands, and in the southern part of Germany there are the Bavarian Alps. Germany has a populations of
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the world population is growing and germanies is shrinking.

Germany has a very interesting history that involves multiple rulers before it even became the Germany we know today. In 1618 there was a war called the thirty year war that ravaged all across Europe including Germany. It is said to be the most gruesome war in Europe ever. Diseases spreaded fastly from troop movements killing thousands causing disease and famine. This was a terrible period for germany and all of Europe, but. During the war The holy roman empire lost a lot of control over the German states. Over the course of the war an estimated 30% of Germany 's population was decimated. By near the end of the war most of central Europe lied in ruin in some areas over 50% of the population was decimated. The war was mainly between Catholics and Protestants and then it dragged in the National armies of Sweden, France, Denmark, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire, and Germany was right in the middle of the brutal warfare. In 1648 the war was officially declared over with a treaty called the Peace of Westphalia. The Peace of Westphalia stated many thing including every prince of their own state could choose their religion and not have the princes be forced to follow one religion so prevent war and uprising. Also nations could make their own individual laws in their states. To sum it up the Peace of Westphalia just made sovereign nations allowed. All that killing just for sovereignty. Another huge event in
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