A Brief Historical Perspective Of Key Philosophies

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A Brief Historical Perspective of Key Philosophies
The beginnings of the counseling profession can be traced back as far as the Greeks with the emergence of psychology. Psychology did not develop into a legitimate profession until the late 1800s. As time went on it spawned numerous other profession, Counseling Psychology being one of them (Landrum). Some of the most prominent Psychologist in the field such as Freud, Erikson, and Witmer, utilized techniques, most notably ”Talk Therapy”, which lead to the formation of the counseling profession ("The history of counselling and psychotherapy"). “Counseling’s focus on development, prevention, wellness, and treatment makes it attractive to those seeking healthy life-stage transitions and
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Doctors, who specialized in sexuality, gynecology, and social hygiene, pioneered the beginnings of Marriage and Family Therapy (Kuehl, 2008). They were the first to “recognize that problems relate to both intrapersonal (within the person) and interpersonal (between people) forces”(Nystul, 2011). During the period in American History know as the Progressive Era, “many urban families found themselves coping with an array of issues stemming from rapid social change resulting from the impact of the industrial revolution and rapid urbanization”(sage).
Paul Popenoe, one of the pioneers of marriage and family counseling, believed that his patients’, primarily women, medical issues steamed from interpersonal conflicts. He believed if he could provide counsel to these women about their marriages, he would be successful in helping alleviate their health problems (Kuehl, 2008). As marriage counseling began to become more widely recognized and accepted, two physicians opened their own marriage consultation center. Abraham and Hannah Stone provided martial advice and counseling service at the Community Church in New York City (sage). In the 1942 marriage counseling gained more of a foot hold when the American Association of Marriage Counselors (AAMC), which over time lead to American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), was, founded (Kuehl, 2008). Under
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