A Brief History Of Drip Brew Coffee

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Introduction: A Brief History Drip brew coffee makers have existed since the early 1950’s. A drip brew coffee maker is a device that pours boiling water over ground coffee beans in a slow fashion, through the use of a filter system. As the water makes its way through the beans, it absorbs the beans oils and aromas. The coffee grounds are retained in the filter while the coffee is dripped into a pot. German inventor Melitta Bentz introduced coffee filters in 1908. The majority of drip brew coffee makers use paper filters while some use mesh filters. Paper filters are beneficial as they are relatively inexpensive and the filter and grounds can easily be disposed of. Mesh filters are also beneficial as they can easily be cleaned and reused an infinite amount of times. In 1954, the first ever drip brew coffee maker was released onto the market. It was called the “Wigomat” and was the first ever electric drip brew coffee maker. A similar invention that was used to brew coffee in the early 1900’s was a percolator. A coffee percolator is a pot, which allows boiling water to circulate through the coffee grounds until desired intensity is acquired. Many were disappointed with the percolator as it had the tendency to make coffee overly bitter. Hence, in the 1970’s, drip brew coffee makers began to grow in popularity. The Major Components: Introduction Drip brew coffee is the most common method of coffee making in North America. The majority of domestic coffee brewers use the same

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