A Brief History Of Lyme Disease

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Statistics obtained from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention show that there are approximately 30,000 of Lyme Disease being reported in the United States annually (CDC, 2015). The above statistic categorizes Lyme Disease as the number one animal carried and vector-borne disease. Vector is a term used to describe a living organism which is able to carry and spread an infectious disease from either animal to human or human to human. (WHO, 2016). Not many may know that it was not until 1982 that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention placed Lyme Disease as an official disease category. Even though the awareness of the Lyme disease increased throughout the years, many people are still unaware of the symptoms, transmission methods as well as the cause of the disease. (Yannielli, 2004). This project is going to discuss a brief history of Lyme Disease as well as its unique characteristics focusing on detailed description of the organism. Followed by, means of infection in relation to geographical distribution and transmission of the disease. Finally, focusing on an overview of clinical features followed by a brief discussion of diagnosis, treatments, prognosis and control measures. Lyme disease can manifest itself in many different ways. Infected patients may experience a range of symptoms affecting their psychological and physical well being. This makes it challenging for healthcare professionals to diagnose the disease immediately and apply proper treatment
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