A Brief History Of Metlife, Inc.

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Management Fundamentals
Cristina N. Sanchez
Northampton Community College

For this final paper, MetLife is the company I choose to profile and describe. While reading this paper, you will find a brief history about MetLife. You will also read about the company’s values, some financial data and other relative information pertaining to MetLife. Overall, after reading this paper, you will have a better understanding of MetLife, Inc.

MetLife, Inc. MetLife originally began as a company named the “National Union Life and Limb Insurance Co. It started in 1864 by several business men from New York. Business wasn’t going to well so after a few years and some name changes, James Dow, who was the President at the time and board of directors decided to focus only on life insurance and that’s where MetLife emerges. MetLife officially began its business in 1868. It consisted of six employees in an office composed of two rooms (MetLife Begins, 2014). Due to a business depression that was going on at the time in the US where only large, well-established insurance companies were hanging on. MetLife’s president at the time, Joseph Knapp, looked towards England where insurance companies were doing well and were successful. So MetLife recruited English insurance agents so that they could train them and MetLife rapidly incorporated those English methods of walking from door to door, not just to collect payments and premiums, but to gather any concerns
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