A Brief History Of Rock And Roll And The Woodstock Music Festival Of 1969

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A Brief History of Rock and Roll and The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969
Throughout history, major social transformations have taken place that has changed how people perceive themselves and the world around them. With each social reformation, cultural forms and institutions also change as well as their meanings. For Example, the development of recording and electronic communication within United States capitalism spurred the unique coming together of music traditions in twentieth century United States society. The development of these technologies allowed music to reach beyond regional boundaries, which led to the clashing of vastly different cultures of all parts of the United States. The most influential form of music spread across
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Such double-images were nothing new in blues music (which was mostly limited in exposure to jukeboxes and clubs) but were new to the radio airwaves. After the success of "Good Rocking Tonight" many other rhythm and blues artists used similar titles through the late 1940s including a song called "Rock and Roll" recorded by Wild Bill Moore in 1949. These songs were mostly played as part of rhythm and blues, but at the time was called “race music”. and were barely known by mainstream white audiences.
Rock and Roll emerged as a defined musical style in America in the 1950s, though elements of rock and roll can be seen in rhythm and blues records as far back as the 1920s. Early rock and roll combined elements of blues, boogie woogie, jazz and rhythm and blues, and is also influenced by traditional folk music, gospel music, and country and western.
One example of the success and power that Rock and Roll inflicted on our nation was the Woodstock Music Festival that took place in 1969.
Woodstock was a famous music and art fair that occurred in August of 1969.It was an important event in the history of rock music and happened at a time where rock music was becoming even more popular. Many things happened before, during and after Woodstock that made it important in the history of rock

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