A Brief History Of United States ' Mental Health Care Essay

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PRELIMINARY LITERATURE REVIEW A brief history of the United States’ mental health care The United States has never had an official federal-centered approach for mental health care facilities, entrusting its responsibility to the states throughout the history. The earliest initiatives in this field took place in the 18th century, when Virginia built its first asylum and Pennsylvania Hospital reserved its basement to house individuals with mental disorders (Sundararaman, 2009). During the 19th century, other services were built, but their overall lack of quality was alarming. Even then, researchers and professionals in the mental health field attempted to implement the principles of the so-called public health, focusing on prevention and early intervention, but the funds were in the hands of the local governments, which prevented significant advances in this direction. In 1946, President Truman signed the National Mental Health Act, allowing federal funds for education and research in mental health. By the time of the Great Depression and the World War II, asylums’ were in unsustainable conditions and traumatized veterans were returning home needing psychiatric attention. Also in a federal extent, Congress passed the Mental Health Study Act in 1955, establishing a commission to check policies and propose reforms in psychiatric treatments. Around that time the deinstitutionalization movement started changing the mental health picture. In 1963, the Mental Health Community Act
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