A Brief History of Amazon.Com Essay

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12/1/2009 Brief History of Amazon.com
Jeff Bezos, an entrepreneur, created Amazon.com in 1994; the business was originally run out of his garage in Washington. With the additional investments from Nick Hanauer and Tom Alburg, Bezos was able to create the more user-friendly website that we are used to. As Amazon.com’s customer base began to grow Bezos realized that he was going to have to add variety to the products Amazon.com offered. Bezos hit on a successful idea when he added the feature that allowed customers to write their own book reviews. In 1997, Amazon.com went public and it continued to increase its product lines to include CDs, movies, and toys to its inventories. Amazon.com was
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They offer products are their website that are available in traditional retail outlets, but they are able to offer products at competitive prices. The majority of the products that Amazon.com sells are products that are available in stores. They sell brand name merchandise that people are already familiar with. So people come to Amazon.com, and they buy a product that they have already seen in stores. It is easier to sell a product online on a site like Amazon.com when they offer brands that consumers already are familiar with. Amazon.com has built a brand name that customers can trust.
They also partner with companies such as Borders and AOL that people use daily. Customers have been using these partners for a while now, and they know and trust the company. Amazon.com is also extremely well advertised. It is advertised on websites all over the internet. Advertising is the key for a company like Amazon.com. Word of mouth advertising is a huge plus for Amazon.com. People see their name everywhere they go on the internet. Once the customer visits the site initially, they see wide variety of products that are offered and the competitive pricing that they have. Then they begin to use the site more frequently and they tell their friends about Amazon.com. Now, Amazon.com has been around for so long, and people are now familiar with the site. Customers now
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